About Rain

Bio Rev. Rain Finelove

Rain has integrated intuitive clairvoyance into her professional life for the last several decades. She has successfully advised individuals and business owners to help them clear energy, sort through contrast, identify solutions and allow answers to flow and find a more joyful path toward overall success in life. She works with people from California to Finland.

Since she was a child, Rain has had dreams that foretold future happenings and has always had an incredible connection with animals. From the age of 10 she became interested in the metaphysical and studied palmistry. At age of 20, Rain moved into a community of Armenian Gypsys, and learned to read coffee grounds and began studies with palmistry, numerology, and tarot…  but it was her Near Death Experience at 27 that woke her up to the direct connection to source and her ability to bring information to others.

Rain is succesful both personally and in business (20 years as operations manager / 20 years in financial planning) has a connected and high achieving daughter, homes in two states and is driving her dream car (A Tesla S model) and has reached a point where she is ready to focus and live her passion; Helping others find a way to navigate through the often difficult, painful and treacherous waters of life to find their pathway towards achieving joy, happiness, love, success, and the centered feeling that comes from being at peace and loving and accepting self.   


Sound Resonance (specialized sound therapy Sedona Arizona), Quantum touch healing, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Public Speaker, Certified Estates and Trusts specialist, Certified Income Specialist, holds numerous licenses and a Bachelors of Science. She is a practicing minister and Doctor of Divinity.

Rain worked with 12 master teachers in Sedona to hone her gifts. She has spoken at conferences in the U.S. and internationally (Toronto, Miami, St. Thomas, Cancun and Okinawa – her last appearance was for a national hoteliers’ association in California) on empowerment, aging, body transformation, success, team building and communication and well as more intuitive subjects such as transformation, learning to resonate on higher frequencies to manifest and attract, NDE’S, working through the twin flame experience and how to bring the full experience of love into your life.