When you embrace the journey of the twin flame you pay attention to all the emotions and ask yourself, “what is the awareness of this feeling bringing to me?”

Two years is has been since I met my twin flame and we are not together. When we come together and hug each-other it is difficult for either one of us to want to let go…it is obvious. Yet there are still things in this life that keep us apart. We both seem to understand, but there was a time we did not accept it…and there are times even now where we have difficulty. It is only the battle within that keeps us apart and we know it. That is the nature of the twin flame.

This experience has shown me how to enjoy life in a way I never thought I would. I now have an inner and outer freedom that brings incredible people into my reality. Real and connected people who’s motives I do not need to question. Before this experience I always questioned the “realness” of the people in my life…I came to understand that the reason for this was that I constantly questioned myself. My twin flame caused me to burn down to the core and rebuild with complete trust in myself. Now that I have this self-trust life is different.

There is a “knowing” that runs through most everything I do. My connection to the energy of the universe are strong, I am strong.

I had another amazing day yesterday. But lets back up a bit and see how it came about; on my way to work one day I asked, “what do I do now?” I stilled myself and listened for the answer, I knew it would come. Sure enough it did and the answer was,”tend your garden and it will come”. So I packed up my apartment, shut down my office and moved back to the house where my garden is in Utah, then I started to purge the old life out of every cupboard, every closet…and I started weeding my garden. The next thing I knew I was asked to collaborate  on a project with a woman I just met and she invited me to stay at her place two blocks from the beach in California, which is where I am as I write this today. I participated in a Psychic Faire two days ago and was paid well for using my gifts of sight, every day since I arrived a week ago I have been in demand…I am elated. A few days into my trip I was contacted by a woman who asked if I would please do a reading for here while I was here, that she would trade a massage if I would accept. I told her that sounded lovely but the only day I had was Sunday and I had come on this trip without arranging any transportation because I was leaving things in the hands of universal connection. She said Sunday was great and she would drive to me. I had also done a reading earlier in the week for a man and he asked if he could take my friend and I to dinner to thank us. That is what set my yesterday up…

Sunday June 17th, 2018 I woke up and wrote, then I went for a walk on the beach and stopped into a little coffee shop with a view of the ocean. I sat enjoying the tranquility for a while when my friend Jamie called to check in…we chatted. I walked back to where I am staying to accompany my new friend and business partner to the Yoga class she gives for free to the community every Sunday morning…I did yoga at the beach for an hour. One of her friends called her for advice so we ended up walking to another cafe close by and had breakfast together, her friend talking excitedly about this new job she had been offered. We wrapped up in just enough time for me to get back to the house to get ready for the reading. Heidi arrived, we set up the massage table out on the patio and went in to do the reading. Information began to flow immediately as I closed my eyes, when I finished speaking, about 45 minutes later I opened my eyes and the stunned look on her face told me everything I needed to know…yes source had given her the information. We sat and discussed the reading for a while, then she gave me an incredible massage, she took her time, it was amazing, Just as I got up from the table I received a text saying that my friend was on her way with the man I had done the reading for earlier in the week and they would be picking me up for dinned shortly. I went and changed…we had a great time at dinner. When I arrived back to the house I watched a movie with my friend and then went to bed…satisfied. The universe had delivered another wonder-filled day to me.

This is how my life is now.

Yet the dream that I woke from this morning, made me feel contrast. My twin flame was holding me I woke with his release. As I lay in bed, 2 blocks from the ocean, feeling blessed I also felt longing…but it was not discomfort, it was not a solar plexus punch of anxiety…it was that feeling one gets when one is away from home for a time and is looking forward to going back. I laid there and allowed myself to move through the feeling. Do I miss him? Not in the way one usual feels that feeling, because he is with me always but yes the absence of the physical is noticeable…yet if it had not been for the experiences with my twin I would not have the kind of satisfaction I do in my life now…interesting…

beautiful and each day leaves me with an anticipation of the next new day and the mystery that awaits.

I feel everything and trust my inner voice…I am in flow.


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