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After the birth of my daughter at age 36 I struggled with my weight. Like many people I was working full time, running my business, volunteering, keeping up with the house, the yard, finances and doing my best to be a good spouse and parent. It felt like thee was no me time. I just got heavier, it seamed the harder I tried the heavier I got and the more frustrated and unhappier. I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror any longer and I was never in any family photos. I even tried hiring a personal trainer, and while I felt stronger the weight stayed on.

Then I decided to change my life. I looked at how I was living and made some adjustments. The weight gain did not start because I was happy, it started because I was unhappy. Weight, like everything in life ultimately comes down to the relationship between you and you…it is not you and food. I adjusted simple things. I removed only one problem item from my regular consumption, a 300-calorie item. Then I started with Clar8ty supplements to increase my energy. The strange thing is Clar8ty also took away cravings I had for things like potato chips. Even though it was not a weight loss tool it worked that way for me. The weight started dropping immediately. A pound a week without even trying. Then as my energy increased, I started walking every other day. The results have been astounding.

I eat what I want. Steak, burgers, chips, veggies, Italian food, Mexican food, Indian food…you name it, I enjoy it. The difference is Clar8ty keeps my system so regulated I don’t over eat. I am so comfortable in my body now that my joy spills out and into the rest of my life. I went from a size 16 to a four and have stabilized at a size 6.

Sometimes we need a little extra help that is why I also created a 3-week, 6-week and 12-week program to help you identify what is in the way, make a plan that works in with your current lifestyle and gives you support and encouragement along the way.

If you just want to try Clar8ty on your own just click this link and it will take you to my store where you can see videos and in-depth product descriptions.

If you would like to get the support, you need fill out the form and choose your program.  I will be notified, and we will set a schedule to jump start you toward your Body Reveal.

3-week program. Initial reading, discussion, layout of personalized program, weekly workbook, I hour session plus 3-15-minute boost sessions and all supplements. 1000.00

6-Week program, Initial reading, Progress reading at 3 weeks, discussion and outline of personalized program, weekly workbook, 3-15-minute boost sessions per week, 2-30-minute life strategy calls, and all supplements. 2500.00

12-week program double everything you get with the 6-week program plus 6 months of monthly maintenance calls and 2 progress readings. 5000.00

*Consult you physician before starting and weight loss, diet or exercise program. All nutritional facts are disclosed on the product link. Do not start this program if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Results of the program will vary.