I do readings for people from all walks of life and they are often shocked at the accuracy of the information received. I am not a “fortune teller”, I am not a “card reader”…what I do it use the imagery of the cards as a tool to help my clients. I do not ask questions, I shuffle and ask them to put their energy and intention into the deck. Then I ask if they feel the need to cut the cards and tell them that if they glide a finger or thumb along the edge and quiet their mind source will tell them where to split the deck.

Then I flip the cards and close my eyes, I get connected and information starts to flow. I will not look at the person I am reading for, because I do not want to get facial cues as to the accuracy of the information. I do not want anything to be processed from my mind I want everything to come from source.

One of the energy workers asked me to team up with her because she said I break people open, then she can help them release what I put right in front of them.

In my work I have found that even the most spiritually enlightened struggle with the day in and day out existence and relationships, pressures form family and friends to conform to societal “norms”. They may speak about not being confined by other peoples parameters, yet they find themselves stepping right back into old ways because it feels less contentious, even though deep inside they know they are not living their truth. When this happens more contrast shows up in life and it becomes uncomfortable, sad, frustrating, etc.

When we keep adjusting ourselves to conform to what we think will make other people comfortable with us, we are not practicing self love. When we are not loving ourselves we create a vibration of unlovability. most do not even know they are creating it, they just wonder why they feel no one loves or understands them.

When I reveal outwardly what they know internally, at first there is usually some denial, often because they feel they have dealt with that already. Yet source knows that which we have information about and that which we know and live. You can hide much from the outside world, but source and the inner you knows.

Living the authentic self can be challenging, it takes courage…yet the self love of being true to you…well it is like nothing else. Suddenly everything “works” and you simply know and understand…you.

A reading can start the process or reawaken you to your path…the 13 week program can change your life.


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