What is the meaning of life? Why am I here?

This Question is one that people often look to others to define for them. It is the main reason religions were created, or that they thrive. It is why people join cults…looking for meaning, looking for their purpose and there are a multitude of sociopaths that are more than happy to define your life for you.

I love and appreciate the gift I was given, to be able to tap into source directly and provide information to others and then encourage them to explore these messages and make their own decisions. I do not tell others, “you must do this and you must do it this way”. That is control, my job is not to control it is to help others understand that they are directly connected to source and that they have this amazing power of connection always with them.

In the spiritual community, I often hear others refer to those that are not “awake” as muggles and I think; really, wow, that is very judgmental. If we are “awake” we love, we do not push, we do not punish. We do what we can to open others and help them through a “hero’s journey”, because change takes courage, it takes faith. If someone feels any change will destroy a life they have built, (even if they are unhappy and it no longer serves their soul), they may see it as failure instead of what it is…simply another amazing step on the path to “become”.

You might ask, people always talk about “becoming” what does that mean, “becoming”?

It is recognizing that everything you have gone through does not have a “good” or “bad” label attached. Every experience is a step that shapes you into who you are. If you are not happy with you, or your life then it is up to you to start asking questions, and listening for the answer. This is why people come to me. When you look at your situation and say to yourself, “OK, I do not like what is happening or I do not like how I am living, why don’t I like it?” Be careful here, because blaming others takes all of your power away.

Then you ask yourself, “what kind of life do I really want? what would make me happy?”.

Ask yourself those questions,think, feel, take some time and write down what comes to you. All the things that could make life better and happier for you. After you write the list read it out loud; hearing what you wrote will help you feel the things that you have written and see the ones that have to do with other peoples actions. You cannot change other peoples actions so you need to take those “changes” and write them in a way that the change is within your power. Here is an example:

‘My life would be happier if _____ loved me they way they used to and they were in my life again, if that happened I could be happy’. A better way to write this…’ I loved the laughter ____and I had together, I want more of that in my life’. This takes the outcome away from your happiness resting on a particular person, event or situation.

Now take that list and write down WHY you want these things in your life.

When you recognize what you don’t want, decide what you prefer and then understand completely why you want those things, life will begin to change. When you allow yourself to want the life you want and let go…it is amazing how fast it starts flowing to you.

You may have fear at first…that is OK. Courage is facing the fear, anxiety, etc. and doing it anyway. It is not a bad thing to FEEL a bit of discomfort, it might even feel overwhelming, but as you move through it you gain confidence. As you start to create the life you truly want to live, you understand it is possible, each step makes you more aware that you CAN create life the way you wish to live it.

Moving through life, appreciating that each experience shapes you…then one day looking at yourself and understanding that you like, actually love that person staring back at you from the mirror and that you wouldn’t change a thing you have gone through because you know it help create the masterpiece that is you…that my love is “becoming” and this is the true meaning of life.

It is not how you get there, we all have our own journey that brings us to the realization that we are happy with the person we have become. One caution, if you feel regret you need to find a way to let that go…it stands in the way of the relationship between you and you. That relationship is ultimately between you and the divine, the universe, source, God…what ever label you put on it. What stands in the way of that ultimate relationship is the inability to be authentically you. If you lie, avoid, hide, make excuses, regret, play games with others, etc. this is all standing in the way of the beauty that is you.

It has been said that I break people open so they can see, and face the truth of themselves. I say I am a messenger of source to let you know you are loved, that you matter and source knows you, what you hide and wants you to know that there is no reason to hide from yourself, or hide yourself from others. You are an amazing ever evolving creation, perfectly you.

It is your time…

To become and know the meaning of your life.


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