Death…it is a mystery. Fortunately I was given the opportunity to experience what it is like when I was 27 after a car accident that took three people lives.

In my NDE state I found myself in an old style apartment, the kind that has a kitchen that leads into a small dining area…sort of L shaped. As I passed through from the kitchen to the dinning room I found myself no longer in an apartment but a vast expansive riverbed. The riverbed was filled with a few boulders and millions of smooth stones. It was very wide, obviously torrents of water flowed through it at one time. Now there was a small stream running through the center…calm. Large pine trees bordered both edges as far as the eye could see and there was a gentle, soft breeze.

I found myself in a conversation with my grandfather. He was not physically present but I could hear him plainly, as though he was walking right next to me. The strange thing was his voice did not sound the way it did when he was in physical form, yet I knew it was him.

Others that have had NDEs describe the sensation, as they are in the “other” plane of existence, as feeling unconditional love. I would describe it more as the complete lack of any kind of negative emotion, or thought. There was no longing or memory. Nothing to pull thought back, into what we call the “past” and nothing pulling forward into what we call the “future”. No thoughts of tomorrow, what needed to be accomplished, goals or any kind of worry, complete peace.

I realized that because of the fact that there was nothing to pull me forward and nothing pulling me back time had ceased to exist, there was only “now”. It was at that moment I understood I was, what we refer to as dead, and I said out loud, “I am not ready to go I haven’t accomplished all the things I need to yet”.

The best way I can describe what happened next is what is referred to in Science Fiction movies as travelling at hyperspace speed. Like a billion stars suddenly blurred into white light all around me…  I raised up where I lay, gasping for air…ALIVE!

To this day the experience is clear, as though it just happened. After my NDE I was no longer afraid to die and I was determined to live. To live to my full potential and to die with no regrets. The most significant change in me after the NDE was my connection to source energy and the visits from those that have not yet crossed as well as those that have crossed.

The message instilled into me from source is, we are here to love, to learn how to give and receive unconditional love to others and to ourselves.

In love, always…


The end.

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