Twin Flames are very different from soul mates. Twin Flames are a division of the same soul, like a cell divided. They exist as catalysts for one-another to become whole and complete within themselves. The misconception is that this divided soul is longing for the other half and once they are together they will be one, complete because the other has joined them…bliss.

In the beginning it will feel incredible, intense, the kind of love one only imagines. It is usually love at first sight, a knowing unparalleled. There will be common threads and inexplicable coincidences that will stun them as they share life experience. There will be dates that are the same for significant events; such as one has a wedding anniversary on the same date as the others birthday. Often they will have lived and worked in the same cities but previously “missed” each-other.

This love at first sight will, more often than not, turn into overwhelm for one or the other because the soul was divided  in order to experience greater growth. The original soul had transcended and wished to once again experience the contrast and bliss of physical life. This soul was so “evolved” that the only way for it to manage the lower vibration of the physical realm, was to split. It was divided as yin, yang, light and dark. They will be drawn together only at times when their vibration is in sync. This “coming together” is the eye of the hurricane, when they are vibrating in sync it is the feeling of homecoming. But as the light sees the dark within, and as the dark sees the light within themselves there will be discomfort. They will push and pull as they shock each-other into acceptance that they are both light and shadow.  They are opposite yet the same, this can be very confusing.

Often they will take turns one feeling in control and the other in a state of confusion. This love relationship will often look “crazy” to the outside world. Nothing about it makes sense to anyone but the Twin Flames. Often they even have difficulty understanding why they are so connected. The will feel each-other even if they are hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Sometime they might even feel like they are going mad, the connection is that strong.

As each twin takes turns stepping from the eye, into the storm of transformational change, the pain my become difficult to manage. Often the other twin will “run” or push away because they are not ready to see what they must, within themselves, to become whole.

Whenever a person looks within to find the authentic self it can be a struggle of acceptance. If Twin Flames do not understand the intensity and gravity of the situation they often will push each other away, blaming the other for the discomfort of being the mirror. For the suborn it can take many lifetimes to become whole, but once there is a completion of each, now whole in and of themselves…. once they have accepted the light and dark within they will find a new peace in self love.

When they realize this wholeness within, and weathered the storm of facing themselves, the love of self will bring these two together in harmony, for there is no one that can know you or understand you better than your Twin Flame.

If you find yourself in a Twin Flame experience it is wise to find someone to guide the two of you through the experience. The truth is Twin Flames will only end up together if they can work through it with love. Otherwise ego will get in the way and it will be so painful that some will run away completely, this loss effecting the other it is often like geese that mate for life. The sadness of loss will be palpable and will be carried into the next life (unless they work through it). Some that do not come together in completion never mate with another again in this lifetime. They are too afraid to face the changes within that the Twin brings to them yet they long for the other every day.

Twin Flame reunions are amazing, intense, and beautiful. If you are not ready to face the authentic self this experience will be beyond uncomfortable, yet the most incredible ride of your life.

Remember it is all love. Love is why we are here.


If you need help working through a Twin Flame experience you can contact me through this site.

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