Tarot for me is not memorizing cards and regurgitating information that was written by another. When I read for myself or someone else I clear the space and the energy, I clear the cards, usually using selenite, as I have found it is the most effective for me.

Then as I shuffle the cards I ask source, the universal collective to flow through me and into the cards. When I am reading for another, I hand them the cards and tell them to flow their energy and intention into the cards. I don’t ask any questions about what someone wants to know. When the person I am reading for hands me back the cards I explain how I will lay out the cards and what each position stands for and that I will be closing my eyes and tap in. I explain that I do not look up or look at them while I am allowing the flow to come through, because I do not want to see any type of reaction for the simple fact that I need to keep my “brain” out of the reading. The reading is flowing through me it is not my mind,  I am a conduit of the information that the universal collective intends for them. It is the same when I read for myself…allowing the flow of information.

As the information flows into me, through me and out of my mouth I am often amazed. The words that simply come out without conscious thought. Once I am tapped in it comes and comes and comes. The cards have become the the switch that opens the conduit.

There was a time when I had no control of the physic flow and it would become overwhelming. I tried to shut it off by working until I was exhausted. If I had way too much to do and I kept my focus on enough other things I could close myself off from the flow. When the universe called me back to use my gifts again and the flow opened up, I was tapped in all the time and it was too much. Over a two year period I found the tools that allowed me to open up when I wanted. I learned how to make the flow come naturally and comfortably.

For me Tarot cards became the tool that opened the conduit, the imagery and position of the cards guide the information flow…it is specific and different for each person.

Reading is not a parlor trick, it is not an entertainment it is a stunning way for the divine to communicate. I am humbled to have been chosen to be the conduit that this information flows though.

Just a card reading? I have seen it transform lives, I know the power of the information that flows…

Come see for yourself.


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