Why do we use Tarot?

Many religions have called it evil or of the Devil but the truth is this; religion is very different than spirituality. Religion is a set of rules and practices that a group of people, typically male, have outlined to keep societal order. Spirituality is direct connection to source. We all have the ability to connect directly to the energy of the universe because we actually ARE connected, it is how we are alive in this physical plane. We are taught by those that wish to control us that we do not have the power of direct connection.

Pulling a daily card is simply quieting the mind and asking source to give you guidance for this day…Today I pulled the Strength card, upright. The position matters, upright or reversed ,it is not just the card itself you must also pay attention to the direction.

This card represents strength and will, but unlike the Chariot which is outer strength, this is inner. Knowing that I can draw upon my confidence and overcome obstacles by utilizing stamina and persistence, keeping myself calm as I do so.

The woman in the image offers love and patience to the ferocious lion in order to tame him. Meaning I must give others space and be tolerant of their needs forgiving any imperfections. This will create an environment of trust where they feel safe to be themselves. It also means I have the ability to tame the beasts within myself, to fully master the raw instinctual behaviors, thoughts and emotions…creating  a balance between the human, animal and the divine.

The Strength card is a higher level of consciousness that provides a knowing self reliance and responsibility so that one can be the master of self and of their world.

Ultimately this card tells me the following; master my emotions so that I can transcend / awaken my natural intuition and wisdom. let go of ego and listen to the inner voice. That I am strong and have the endurance necessary, but I need to withdraw for a moment, be patient and find the alignment  with my higher self, if I do so the full manifestation of my goals will come when the time is right… they cannot be rushed. Results may be slow in coming but I will hold my own, get much accomplished and summon enough energy to get the job done. One way or another I will be recognized and rewarded because of this.

This card is perfect for me to go into my day…the message from the universe clear and empowering.

This is just one of the many reasons I use the Tarot and why my clients seek me out on a regular basis.

Have an amazing day.

As always, with great love.


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