People say I love you as a default, often to get what they want from another. With unconditional love those words are never enough to express how one feels. They are a place holder of sorts, something to use on this plane of existence because unconditional love exits at a soul level and can not be dissolved.

The misconception of love, unconditional love; Having unconditional love for another does not mean that you will put up with abuse, disrespect or any negative treatment. Firstly to give and receive true unconditional love, you must have it for yourself. It is pretty much impossible to truly give something that you do not have within. You can feel like you are but…

So what is unconditional love of self and others? It means that you accept where you are or where they are. How they / you are, who they / you are, what they / you are. and you love them / yourself in spite of those things that you disagree with. This does not mean you stay present with them, for life is a journey of becoming. You fall in love with the soul of the person unconditionally and you continue loving them as they move through their journey in what ever way they need to in order for them to find out what they need to in this life. If you come together for a time and then it gets difficult, sometimes it is best to let the other be (if there id difficulty communicating or working through things together) until they can find their sea legs, or for you find yours. Sometimes they will come back, or you will, sometimes you move on. This is what we humans have such a hard time with.

We think in absolutes…oh they are gone, they are gone forever, they must not love me. Or they are not here, I have to find a way to stop loving them. Think about that…love is the most amazing gift we are given, why would we stop loving? Why not just keep loving that person and let them have their own life how they need it to be for them? Because we think people owe us love in return…that is conditional.
If you want a conditional partnership then it is better to write a contract and be honest that the relationship is about expectations. There is nothing wrong with a contractual partnership. But that is not love.

Love is; I love you for who and what you are, now, and always, no matter what you do, where you go, etc. I love you simply because I love you, it is not based on you loving me back.

How could that possibly be? Isn’t that too much freedom? isn’t that too much trust? isn’t that naive? Nope. Because if you are fully engaged in your own life and loving yourself the love you give out enhances your life and the condition of it being returned does not matter.

Well you may ask, doesn’t that open you to usury, disrespect and abuse. Only if you let it. I did not say that you have to keep someone you love present with you. If someone is treating you in a way that disagrees with your inner being then give them a hug, and let them have their life, their space and go do you,when and if they are ready to give and receive unconditional love and they come back, say how lovely you are here. Love is not ownership. It is never too late for love. If the love is a romantic love and in the mean time you have found another partner or they have, if it is meant to be it will find a way, if not you can still have unconditional love for them. Unconditional love is  an unwavering beautiful thing. It is not stoic and pinning, it simply is.

But what about kids, possessions and material things? You make it sound way less complex than it is!

No, all those things are conditional, contractual. If you love someone unconditionally you can come to agreement. I have been there and people have said, “how can you be so nice, you are a saint”… Things are things. Love is all that really matters, yes it can be difficult sometimes to let people be, so they can find their way. But why is it so hard for us to do so? Because society has turned everything into a battle an we have forgotten…love.

Unconditional love is gentle, it may not make sense to the outside world but it will make sense to your inner being. You may have to leave the person for a time, maybe even this lifetime but that does not mean your love for their inner being, their soul needs to stop and it does not hurt…it is not a torch carried.

Unconditional love allows the freedom for each to find their path. Some stay, some go away for a time and return as a lover or a friend sometimes you will not see them until the next life.

Unconditional love always is.
Love is beautiful and amazing.

in love I give you this writing…

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